I offer a counselling service from my home in Cranwell, Sleaford, in a newly erected eco-office building in my garden, which offers my client’s the peace, quiet and confidentiality that is ideal for talking therapy.


I have additional confidential space within my home to facilitate creative art therapy, which could involve individual or group sessions.

I believe in a holistic approach to counselling when working with a client in a person-centred way. Everyone is different and will benefit from their own unique counselling approach, combining a variety of activities to help facilitate therapeutic growth.

walk and talk counselling cranwell sleaford

Walk and Talk sessions


Nature helps us connect more fully with the ‘here and now’.

Sometimes when we have a lot going on in life it can be difficult to see the bigger picture. We can become too absorbed with the past, or the future, missing out on what we are experiencing in the present.

In addition to my counselling room I also offer walk and talk therapy in the countryside around Cranwell, which is peaceful, sedate and allows for confidentiality to be maintained.

The walk can be a full session, or part of a fifty-minute session.

I am dog friendly, having two of my own, and would be more than willing for you to bring your dog on a walk and talk session!

Art Therapy Open Minds Counselling

Art Therapy


I offer art therapy as part of the individual counselling session if required. I have a background in the use of creative arts in therapy, in a person-centred way.

This does not require you to be artistic, it is merely a means for you to express your thoughts and feelings in a creative way that allows for your own interpretation. The process itself is relaxing, freeing and thought provoking.

Group art therapy workshops are available on request. I can accommodate groups of up to six people per session, refreshments included.

Mindfulness Open Minds Counselling



Mindfulness is about bringing our attention to the present in the ‘here and now’.

Mindfulness is something we all naturally possess but sometimes we can get overwhelmed by intrusive thoughts including those about the past or future, we can miss the moments happening right now and the calmness being present can bring.

As part of our sessional work we may consider mindfulness techniques so that we can use these as a tool to live a calmer, happier and more present life!

Food as Therapy Open Minds Counselling

Food as Therapy


Food can evoke feelings, emotions and memories. It is integral to our well-being and happiness. The process of making and sharing of food is personal, sociable and relaxing.

As part of our work together we can choose to include food and cooking as part of our session. You may wish to cook something that is personal to you, or just enjoy the process.

Music as Therapy Open Minds Counselling

Music as Therapy


Whoever we are, whatever our age, music is a powerful tool to help us express ourselves and our identity.

Music can elicit memories and emotions. I am not a musician, or a music teacher, but merely a music lover!

I believe music can be used within a therapeutic session to aid our experiences.